Opensource project is never an easy task. Hence, we value any help from the community. We would like to thank individual/organization that generously donated to Qiling Framework project. Listed below are not in any particular order:

  • Silas Cutler
  • Alloysius Goh
  • Brendan Scarvell

To support Qiling Framework

  • To make things easier, we structure the “price” this way :-
  - Below 20USD: Name on donation page
  - 20USD: Stickers + Name on donation page
  - 60USD: Stickers + USB drive + Name on donation page 
  - 120USD and above: Stickers + USB dirve + T-Shirt + Name on donation page
  • Name on donation page is default, please let me know if you don’t agree
  • “USD” denotes the US dolar equivalent amount of coin value during the time of donation
  • Please notify us via email to [email protected] after making the donation.
  • These are not ready made. So, you might need to wait a while for the swags to be delivered.
  • Paypal is accepted at our web store

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